Gum Pain

Gum pain. Yes, you can have pain in your gums and not your actual teeth. But what does this mean? Often when your tooth hurts it is caused by dental decay. Does this mean that my gums have decay? There are many different causes of gum pain or soreness, such as improper dental cleaning, tobacco usage, chemotherapy, hormonal changes, or gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). Luckily, most causes of gum pain are easily treatable with the help and guidance of your general dentist. If you are having consistent gum pain, make sure you call and get an appointment as soon as possible to stop the cause from getting any worse.

Common causes of gum pain includes:

Nobody wants to have painful gums. Here are some home remedies to try and prevent getting gum pain in the first place:

Gum pain can be caused by many things, such as:

If gum pain persists, it is important to Contact Us for an appointment to determine the cause and begin treatment, if needed.