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Understanding Impacted Teeth

When a tooth doesn't have enough room to emerge or grow normally, it becomes impacted. This is most common with wisdom teeth, but it can happen to any tooth.

It might sound technical, but at its heart, an impacted tooth might be the reason behind discomfort or the unease you’ve been feeling. Here at Hamilton Dental Group, we prioritize understanding you and your unique situation because every smile has its own story. We’re here to help write a happier, healthier chapter for yours.

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Our Approach to Treatment

The fear of dental procedures can be daunting, but you're not alone. At Hamilton Dental Group, we combine advanced dental techniques with a warm, understanding approach that values your comfort and concerns above all else.

Whether the solution is monitoring, removal, or special care for an impacted tooth, we walk you through every step with clarity and empathy. Here, treatment is not just about remedies; it’s about providing a careful, reassuring hand to hold throughout the process.

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