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What is Internal Whitening?

At Hamilton Dental Group, we understand that every smile has a unique story and sometimes, that story includes the desire for a brighter, more radiant smile.

Internal whitening, also known as internal bleaching, is a specialized procedure designed to whiten teeth from the inside out. Ideal for teeth that have darkened due to injury or root canal treatment, this process targets discoloration from within the tooth, restoring its natural brilliance. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your comfort and confidence are at the forefront.

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Why Choose Hamilton Dental Group for Internal Whitening?

Choosing the right partner for your dental care journey is crucial. At Hamilton Dental Group, we are more than just a dental practice; we are a community-focused team deeply committed to providing high-quality, affordable dental care.

Our approach to internal whitening combines the latest in dental technology with a gentle, patient-centered touch. We believe in making dental care accessible and understandable, which means explaining every procedure in clear, straightforward language and offering flexible financing options to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Internal Whitening FAQS

Answering Your Top Questions

What is Zoom teeth whitening? How does it work?

Zoom teeth whitening is a professional dental procedure that uses advanced technology to lighten discoloration of enamel and dentin. The process involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel, which is then activated by a special Zoom light. This light accelerates the whitening process, breaking down the stains on your teeth and making them appear brighter and whiter. At Hamilton Dental Group, our skilled professionals ensure a safe and effective treatment, typically completed in just about an hour.

How long do the results of Zoom teeth whitening last?

The longevity of Zoom teeth whitening results can vary depending on several factors, including your dietary habits, oral hygiene practices, and the consumption of staining substances like coffee, tea, tobacco, and wine. Generally, the whitening effects can last from a few months up to a year, or more. To maintain your brighter smile, Hamilton Dental Group recommends following a good oral hygiene regimen, along with periodic touch-up treatments as advised by our dental professionals.

Is Zoom teeth whitening safe, and are there any side effects?

Zoom teeth whitening is a safe procedure when conducted by our qualified dental professionals at Hamilton Dental Group. Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to cold during or after the treatment. This sensitivity is usually mild and resolves on its own within a few days. Our team takes every precaution to minimize any discomfort and ensures you receive the best care throughout the whitening process.

Am I a good candidate for Zoom teeth whitening?

Most individuals seeking a brighter smile are good candidates for Zoom teeth whitening. However, it’s essential to have a consultation with one of our experienced dentists at Hamilton Dental Group to determine if this treatment is right for you. Factors that may affect eligibility include the presence of dental restorations, such as veneers or crowns, the condition of your dental enamel, and overall oral health. Our team is dedicated to assessing your needs and helping you achieve the best possible results.

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