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Root Amputation: A Safe Path Towards Renewed Oral Health

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Understanding Root Amputation

From the family-friendly atmosphere of our clinics, we want you to know that root amputation is a reliable procedure aimed at preserving your tooth instead of removing it – because at Hamilton Dental Group, we always put your smile first.

Performed by our experienced in-house endodontists, root amputation could be the solution if you're experiencing issues with one (or more) roots of a tooth. By removing the problematic root, we enable the rest of your tooth to function, letting you continue to enjoy your favorite meals and wear your biggest smiles.

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Comfortable, Compassionate Recovery

Recovery is just as crucial as the procedure itself, and we understand how crucial your comfort is.

After your root amputation, our committed team will provide a personalized aftercare plan, ensuring a smooth recovery so you can quickly get back to your daily routine – and back to showing off those pearly whites!

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